Living the dream while planning yours!

Hello! I’m Ashlee!

I love people. I love making people happy.

I love weddings. I love all the little details and making them happen. {And PS: I haven’t met a wedding cake I didn’t like.}

I am excited. All.the.time. I will use the word over and over and over again with an absurd amount of exclamation points!!! {See what I mean?}

I get goose bumps at every wedding.
And I tear up at nearly every toast.

I will stalk you for your engagement and wedding proofs and then spend an afternoon awe-ing over you!

I can NOT wait till your wedding. To see it all come together. To see you so happy. To see your parents so proud. To see you and your soul mate enjoy your first dance.

I’m the teensiest bit sad when your wedding is over. Who am I kidding? I am more than the teensiest bit sad.

After 10 years in the events, non-profit and wedding planning industry, I took a leap of faith to live my dream. I started my own business called Signed Sealed Delivered Events, and I am loving every minute of it.

Go ahead and contact me so we can start planning the best day of your life!

Here’s what you should know about me since we’re going to be really great friends:

  • Getting mail- real hand written mail is the best!
  • Sparkle is my favorite color. Magical is my favorite word. And wine ties with coffee for my favorite beverage.
  • I love animals! My 80-pound, four-legged roommate, Holly has her own Ashtags (yes NO ‘h’) #hollisthebear  Check her out on my Instagram.
  • My mom is my very best friend and we talk every day, if not multiple times.
  • My closet is obviously too small because there is no such thing as too many shoes.
  • And I have been building my wedding soundtrack since the seventh grade. No joke.
  • Jason, my beau, gets a love note in his lunch box every day and I secretly think he looks forward to them.

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