I’m yours!

At Signed Sealed Delivered Events we love LOVE, and serve all couples who want to celebrate the best day of their lives.

Because you are a unique couple and your wedding will no doubt reflect just that, we personally create packages especially based on your needs, and we will travel!

Our first meet and greet is always complimentary. So contact me, I would be delighted to chat!

Packages start at $2500

Email us for our full package menu.

What the heck does a wedding planner do besides feed the best man his speech and post cute pictures on Instagram?
Here are two great articles that get to the knitty gritty:
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This is the hardest question I ever have to answer because for each wedding I do something a little different. Or I am asked to do something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would add to my job description as wedding extraordinaire.  It’s a constantly evolving job because no wedding, no couple, no love story, no vision is ever the same.

At Signed Sealed Delivered Events we recognize that this is probably your first wedding. You may have your binder ready and some vendors booked, but all in all, it’s a pretty big process and you may not be sure how much support you need. That’s why I customize packages for each one of my clients based on their needs after our initial in depth meet and greet.

Get in touch today and we will happily send over our price points (starting at $2500) with details on what typical package investments look like.

Each year, I take on a limited amount of weddings so that I can give you my heart and soul.  I am hopelessly devoted to getting to know you, your vision and expectations and I treasure that relationship. Consider it a bonus and don’t be surprised when I have your wedding portrait hanging above my mantle because the emotion captured on your face at that moment in time is a face I never want to forget.

To see our work in action, check out the video gallery!

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