{& proud girl mama bear}

FAVE ICE CREAM: I have no discrimination against ice cream….I scream for ice cream!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WEDDINGS?: I love seeing people in love! You ever watch a movie and cry because you understand the love of the two characters? Well that’s me at weddings. Seeing two people so in love overwhelms my heart every time.

HOW DID YOU GET IN THE INDUSTRY?: Ashlee was my wedding planner! I told her if there was ever a chance to help her I was just one phone call away!

FAVE WEDDING TRADITION: The speeches! Whether it’s from the maid of honor or best man, I love hearing the stories that they share about the couple!

FUN FACT: I can sing amazingly (in the car and shower only lol)

Photo Courtesy of Abbie Takes Pictures

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