I L.O.V.E. a Winter Wedding

I L.O.V.E. a Winter Wedding

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same” – Flavia Weddn
In a nutshell, this is how I feel how Danielle and Billy Clark’s winter wedding. They showed up and I never wanted them to leave let alone have their wedding be here and over.
But it came and went and it was freaking awesome. And I can prove it.
So not only did we share a love of sparkle and winter weddings, but also Pitch Perfect… I received this text BEFORE 8 am the morning AFTER the wedding!
 And then they both got amazing jobs in Florida and moved right after the wedding. And now and we still talk almost every day.
Like I tell all my clients, basically once you sign that contract, you are stuck with me forever…
When Danielle and her sweet mama came to Signed Sealed Delivered Events last spring, we were nine months out and the organizational queen of numbers and all things wedding needed assistance and advice keeping them on budget, on track and bringing that Pinterest board to reality. Which we did with so much creative love. See our handmade bouquets and centerpieces!!!  
Our instructions were specific, no flowers! Lots of sparkle! We went a completely different direction from her Pinterest  board (see ours here) full of Christmas ornaments. The bouquet was a labor of love and built from brooches from family and friends at all of Danielle’s showers.
The reception was held at Bellecourt Place and Manor in Belleville, Illinois. The food there is delicious! The staff and management are friendly, hard working and very accommodating. It’s become a favorite venue of mine, but of course I am bias because I was born and raised in Bellevegas and I love tradition!
Back drop and chair covers rented from Grand Rental Station
This space was completely (all puns intended) transformed with the uplighting provided by Complete Weddings and Events Complete Weddings and Events also provided DJ services, photobooth, photography and videography.
I was in L.O.V.E. with the head table backdrop- all sequins and the LOVE letters that Danielle and Billy rented through Signed Sealed Delivered Events Handmade by my dad Stanimal because I couldn’t find the exact right set to buy… #ilovemydad   #myfatherthehero
The ceremony was held in the Bellecourt Place which is an old church on the same property as the Manor so super convenient for guests!
We served champagne as guests entered the ceremony!
Megs and Bobby right before go time
And my beautiful bride Danielle with proud daddy behind. Cue the tears! I love this pic! Danielle walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years… goosebumps!
All sparkles and uplighting for the ceremony Need an officiant for your wedding? Check out our friends at St. Louis Officiant! We did most pictures before hand which made for smooth sailing right into cocktail hour! And it took A LOT of coaxing( as it always does with my grooms), but we did do the FIRST LOOK before the ceremony which was so magical and heartfelt AND it took a lot of pressure off the ceremony because both Bill and Danielle got a chance to be just the two of them and relax before group photos in down town  Belleville and saying “I Do”.
Not going to lie, this will be my “framer” from this wedding. I have one from each wedding. Thanks to Mark and Caley for capturing them so perfectly! xoxo  
There was also a First Look of the ballroom! I was so glad my crew at Signed Sealed Delivered Events was present for this…it was really quite emotional.
The grand entrance for this wedding was so much fun! Bill and his groomsmen all played college football and some are college football coaches now. The party favors were rally towels that said Living the Dream that the guests waived as the bridal party entered the room. The football and Living The Dream was carried out through the planning (hence the planner and the name of her blog) and the wedding!
Yes we even played a little football during the reception …
All in all the entire evening was a success complete with Coldstone Creamery
An awesome party favor for guests!
A surprise cobalt blue dress…
And a sparkler send off…
Danielle and Billy, I can’t thank you enough not only for the opportunity to be a part of such an intimate moment of your lives, but also for being a part of my heart.
Your Wedding Planner
If you want to see more of this wedding, check out the video from Complete Weddings and Events
Nathan is an awesome videographer!!
PS some of the most beautiful wedding vows ever!
And yes I took a pic, I wanted to remember them always.
***some of these images are courtesy of Complete Weddings and Events (Mark and Caley rule!) but most are courtesy of my awesome iphone 6 with the sparkly case***
The Dreamsicle Wedding

The Dreamsicle Wedding

Jenny Wilson started planning her orange and ivory wedding 24 months out. At least that’s when she came to SSD Events and I met her. She knew that it would be worth it. After all, she waited 10 years for a proposal from Myron. And boy oh boy it could not have been any more heartfelt and sentimental. Myron was on bended knee at the monkey house at the zoo with a stuffed monkey (Jenny’s favorite), armful of flowers and their family present, including their adorable mini me’s: Serena and Alaina.
Here’s an actual photo of the proposal that was used as table number.
So fast forward to October 11, 2014 The song choices alone, and you are welcome I am not including a link to each one, were absolute perfection. Admittedly I am bias as half of her wedding soundtrack (as I like to call it) is exactly what I have on mine. To name a few, “I’ve Finally Found Someone” by Barbara Streisand and “Every Time I Close My Eyes” by Babyface.
We spent hours, accompanied by chips ahoy and chardonnay, rehearsing and brainstorming and organizing and planning and re-planning and I am so glad we did. Not only was it beautiful day but I now have another beautiful friend that I plan on keeping forever.
Jenny made most of her decorations, spray painting, glittering, printing and setting up mock guest tables until we knew it would be just right. The rest of her décor (linen, chiavari chairs, chargers and candelabras) was rented through Grand Rental Fairview.
Chef Art and the Four Points staff outdid themselves again- the room was beautiful and the food out of this world! It’s like coming home every time I come back to the Four Points and I truly love that. The gorgeous bridal bouquets and floral and tree centerpieces were from Schnucks Floral.
Beauty started early that day for the girls. But we had an incredible team of glamour technicians- The Glam Fam The GlamFam  who I have to give them props, at the last minute, they saved the day when another stylist was unable to make it. As always, you girls rule!
And while the girls got glammed up, the boys helped eachother get jazzed up! Because our timeline was tight, we made the most of the day by taking pictures beforehand.
Talk about a good looking group of guys! Here’s Jenny and Myron had their first look I am 110% sure he loved what he saw!
Their bridal party was sooo much fun!
Their bridal party was sooo much fun!
Jenny spent weeks rehearsing a surprise choreographed performance for her reception complete with a second dress and shoes!
Jenny spent weeks rehearsing a surprise choreographed performance for her reception complete with a second dress and shoes!
And you can see her girls rehearsed with her. {cue the “awwwww” here}
Jenny’s Aunt Bonnie lovingly made the wedding cakes and designed just as she wanted, with lots of bling and personalized with photos!
The reception was complete with a photobooth
And fantastic music by Partytime DJ’s! Daryl kept the dance floor packed all night long!
A highlight of the night was Coldstone Creamery – which is always so much fun and so delicious for guests!
I love being a part of days like these, precious moments like these watching two families and all their friends come together to celebrate two people promising to love each other for a thousand years… (that song was also featured on their wedding soundtrack).
My job is so wonderful and I am such a lucky girl that this is what my passion and purpose in life is. Thank you again for reading as I brag about my brides and SSD Events on this blog. xoxo
The Magic of Winter Style Shoot

The Magic of Winter Style Shoot

I believe that I am one of the few who truly LOVE winter. L.O.V.E. it. I love bundling up in hats and scarves and mittens and big puffy coats, drinking hot chocolate, boots with the fur (the whole crowd was lookin at her.. just kidding I won’t start that again) and crunching through the snow.
You do know when I say winter I am referring to everything covered in crisp clean white. The soft fluffy kind that kisses your skin, not leaves your nose and ears burning with the wind. No no no, just the good kind. Where it’s 32 and the snow falls and it is complete stillness, yet you can hear it. To me, that is peace, that is possibility, and that, that it totally romantic!
I’ve dreamed of a winter wedding since I popped out of the womb wearing heels and sipping champagne as my mom would say… but let’s be honest, I have dreamed of every type of wedding. Anytime I meet/date a guy I imagine what kind of wedding we would have… There was St. Nick with the country barnyard reception, boys in jeans and vests, girls in creamy lace and cowboy boots (yes even the bridesmaids), a photo where the bridal party is shooting off guns – and this was the wedding I planned in 2005.
Then there was the city wedding from 2008 where my very dapper groom Doug would have gone Gatsby, me and the ladies in dark lined lips and birdcages, the room strewn with chandeliers in silvers and golds and boys in fedoras… a Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal choreographed dance, I was thinking the old post office.
But my most favorite wedding I’ve dreamed of but haven;t quite placed the right groom is the outdoor winter wedding. I am determined to make it happen and what better way than to have a practice round via style shoot!
The team consisted of Elegance in Bloom Florist with flower extraordinaire Angie Lopez whom I met 1.5 days prior to the shoot and fell in love and said you MUST come! Bridal head piece from Champagne and Lace Bridal10th Street Baking Company baked the most perfect winter donuts and cupcakes and 8 tiered naked red velvet cake! We had two photographers Sarah Cress Photography and A Bushel and a Peck Photography by Amy which was great as just like a wedding we got a few different angles and styles. And again the rental by Next Door Finery and styling and coordination by Signed Sealed Delivered Events.
Our adorable and very gracious model couple are Stefani and Dan Cheseldine who were married on September 1, 2012 and have not only remained friends since I coordinated their wedding but have been one of the most memorable couples to work with. Once you meet them, you know why.
I couldn’t have pulled this all together with out my most amazing mom who can take my million visions of sugar plums dancing in my head and make them a reality.
Here are some of the images that aren’t featured on the facebook previews.
Sarah Cress’s images below.
An Afternoon at the Grafton Winery

An Afternoon at the Grafton Winery

I met the owners of the Grafton Winery a few years ago and now consider them friends. Mike and Lori are easy going, down-to-earth and have a passion for the vine incomparable to most. And it’s not just the wine that they have the love for, it’s the people who come to the Grafton Winery. They have regulars, harley crews, ladies nights out, date nights, family get-togethers, book clubs, and even the folks who come to sit alone and enjoy a glass of wine over a good book, just to get away, to be still. The views are breathtaking, the service is great, the food is outstanding – even their wraps and sweet potato fries were like Thanksgiving to me, I couldn’t stop eating even when I was full, the wine is YUM! When I met with Mike and Lori about opening the venue up to wedding receptions on a more regular basis my first thought was: we have 1.5 weeks max before the gorgeous colors of fall are gone and we MUST get a couple up here and a photographer to capture this space. And that we did! Our photographer is Michelle of Green Wall Studio, cakes and desserts from 10th Street Baking Company and theBAKERios. Bride and groom models are Alicia and Justin Powers married October 26, 2013- they were fresh off their honeymoon and looking as happy as ever. Props and style design by Next Door Finery and Signed Sealed Delivered Events. Enjoy a few of our favorite snapshots of our afternoon at the Grafton Winery and definitely go check them out for yourself. We are looking forward to coordinating weddings there in 2014!