Since I met Becky Huffman, about 5 years ago, I was convinced that I needed to become a florist and wear galoshes (yes I call them galoshes, not wellies, I prefer the traditional Paddington Bear galoshes) and an embroidered apron with my name on it.
I love making things pretty so this just seemed like it made sense.

And then I went to her store front in Millstadt (now in Columbia) and the chandelier, exposed brick and photos of weddings had me at hello.
But I had (and still have, mind you) a fantastic job at the Four Points by Sheraton so I put my little dream on hold and decided I would be great friends with B Huff, the talented florist instead of joining ranks.

Over a few beers one night, my now dear friend, Becky mentioned me working for her and I nearly fell off my barstool. Um of course! So that pushed my plan into action….
At this point I should share that I had already started SSD Events but hadn’t gone live with it. I convinced myself that this was just what I needed to get my dream(s) going.

So I signed up for a day as a florist working with Becky on 2 weddings, while her other employees with 3 company vans handled the other weddings on one of the busiest wedding months of the year- JUNE.
We loaded one of the big vans that would make magic (literally) happen at several different venues on the same day with gorgeous flowers for some of the happiest brides!
First stop a beautiful church in Kirkwood, then the Crowne Plaza in Clayton for the reception… and then to The Magic House for an onsite ceremony and reception. Coincidence that both weddings were yellow and blue.

I love my iphone, but it doesn’t take great pics. Word to the wise, always hire a professional photog. I know several if you need a referral. Either way, since these weren’t weddings I coordinated, I took the liberty of capturing a few pics. Enjoy! I know I did.
And thank you Becky for the LONG day of fun and hard work. I can honestly tell you that flowers are worth every single penny. The amount of work and time involved in preparing, designing and delivering these beauties was more than I truly bargained for.

Although I heart coordinating weddings the best, I will be filling in with B Huff in the future.

Love this cake from the Cakery Bakery- if you haven’t had their deliciousness, you need to!

Love these homemade coloring book!

Here comes the bride! Everyone was watching. I loved this moment. In the hustle and bustle of the quick flip, everyone paused to watch the bride walk towards her groom


What I tell ya? The apron is so cute right?? Makes you want to be a B Huff girl doesn’t it? I promise she makes it look easy, I assure you its hard work.

Sweet Katie Bee’s Cupcake and Coffee bar from O’Fallon, Illinois setting a delicious tower of cupcakes!

I was slightly nervous about climbing this ladder… I had the biggest pair of scissors in my coveted Becky Huffman apron and I thought if I do fall, I may lose the ability to have children. But no worries, I didn’t fall.