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Welcome to our little corner of the World Wide Web!
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I’m Ashlee, the creator of Signed Sealed Delivered Events! This little dream began in my heart back in 2012 + with some nudging from some very important people (ie my mom + dear friend Shell), I registered SSD as a biz with the State of Illinois!

For months we created a brand that I saw in my head: the perfect color red wax seal with typewriter font + “Jane Austen” font. What was Jane Austen font? I didn’t know either but after looking at what seemed like 1000’s, the font is actually called: P22 Cezanne regular

Personally I think my name was a better fit but perhaps I can name fonts + nail polishes in my next life.

The thing that actually took the longest was naming this dream. We get asked a lot why Signed Sealed Delivered Events, especially since it’s such a long name. I know right? Especially since we didn’t shorten the domain to SSD until recently. So here’s how that happened.

Three months into this brand development, I was visiting my mom on a Saturday night off, which were few + far between at that time. If you guessed that we were watching the Hallmark Channel, then you guessed right!

While I worked on copy writing, my mom was knitting while Queen Latifah + Dolly Parton took stage in the movie Joyful Noise. The minute they started singing Signed Sealed Delivered, we both looked at each other + said: THATS ITS! I bought the domain before the credits rolled.

Just like that.

The Queen + the Queen of Country are how SSD came to be. You can thank them later.

So living on a prayer + a bit of savings, I left my full time gig in the hotel sales world 9 months later + here we are!

Throughout the years, the little SSD dream grew! I met gals who were addicted to love + logistics too; who wanted a piece of the wedding planning cake! And I couldn’t blame them, it’s the best job ever! Little by little we added more weddings, more love + more magic to the calendar.

I love each + every one of these gals + they all bring their own uniqueness to our crew. Together we have a passion for making the planning process easy + fun because we believe we have one shot (one opportunity) to make your day the best day ever!

Each year our extended family grows too, because once you work with SSD, you are family. Just ask any of our past clients… we can’t stay away + we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Wanna learn more about the SSD, team, our planning process + journey?

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