For those of you who know me, when you ask how I am doing, my response is 9 times out of 10: I’m Living the Dream. Hell I say it so much it was piped on my birthday cake this year by one of my fave bakers (Don with 10th Street) as a surprise. And then one day. It came true. Shortly after I blew out those candle on that exact cake. When I envisioned Signed Sealed Delivered Events, I knew what I wanted my business announcement to look like and I knew who I wanted to be a part of it. It was quite the surreal day. Hair – thank you sweet Jamie at Whimz. Makeup – a million thank you’s to the oh-so-talented Bobby Brown and Chanel makeup artist, Patty Meketa Needleman. Costume (it’s more fun to call it a costume- makes me feel fancy)- Picked out with the help of Beth Foley, a dear FP bride who I hold so close to my heart. Thanks for helping me shop, even though you didn’t know what for.

I’m not used to having all that excitement!  But let us not stop there… Fabulous shoes- thank you rain for making me stay in Kohl’s that extra hour so as not to get drenched and having to scour over the clearance rack to stumble upon these gems!

You would think I just won a Grammy, right?The on-site location was down town Belleville, my home town, born and raised, and I am proud of it. Once my first brides arrived, some halfway in their dresses, the lacing and bustling began. Not too abnormal for me.

Then more and more people showed up. Even the sweet Noreen who I stalked for 9 months to get my job at the hotel as the wedding and events coordinator was there.Directing traffic. An audience of onlookers. Police escorts… All these people showing up to support me All these brides… And most hilarious, brides that were the background of the picture. At one point I said: it’s not about you broads today… And it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel real.

Insert goosebumps and tears here…

As my dear friend June was up on a ladder taking my picture. THE very picture I imagined in my head for months and months, I couldn’t help but tear up. When I said EXACT, I mean EXACT. But it was kinda hard. Standing the right way, tilting your head just right, this hip here, that hip there, left foot green, right hand yellow. Seriously, its tough. And now I understand why Jennifer Aniston makes a ton of money- posing, modeling and acting is REALLY hard! I use the Jen reference as some of you may know I drink Smart Water because she endorses it and I wear her perfume. I’ve said for years, as long as I follow her regime, I will eventually look like her. Check out my “Get Your Hair Did” board on Pinterest- she is all over it. I will be darned if one day while meeting with the fabulous invitation/paper product designer Amanda from Unique Moments at the Bread Co., and elderly woman came up to me and said: I am sorry to bother you, but I just had to say, you look a little like Jennifer Aniston. Mind you she said “a little” not “just like” and she could be legally blind, but that didn’t matter. From that moment on, I was convinced that the law of attraction works. Anyway, back to the story. Everything about the day was fantastic.

Pops and Shel- you seriously will never meet a better father- daughter duo

THE most gorgeous dress, tattoo, personality and heart is packaged in this pretty lil thing.

Even the margaritas afterwards with one of THE most gorgeous dresses and brides ever- check out the FAB tattoo! and her dad, the director of traffic. And my sweet little friend Courtney who has supported me since the very mention of this idea, the one who has worked SEVERAL long event weekends with me was the first to volunteer to be a bride in this shoot in her most precious of wedding gowns- so Carrie Bradshaw.


The whole night was so emotional for me and perfect- it was just a huge wave of “holy-shit-this-is-real-are-you-ready?” Well rest assured, I more more than ready world. In fact, 2013 horoscope told me so. That too is a true story. When I got home I didn’t want to take my $15 shoes off… I really am Living the Dream… I have said it for years… all those motivational quotes, positive affirmations, the genuine “I-want-your-day-to-be-perfect-no-matter-what-it-takes” attitude, you get what you give way of life really has paid of.


And we can’t of course not give a shout out to these pretties:

Lacey Angel Natasha Courtini Alison my NYE bride Kate the Great Tena Lauren Lindsay Little Michelle Mag Pie

A shout out to the secret support staff- you know who you are. I am blessed beyond words to have met you 5 short years ago. And last but not least huge hug to my mom- I can’t help but say it every single day. Thank you for believing in me, for supporting me, for being my mom and my best friend. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo