A few of my closest know that I am a huge fan of Mary Poppins and that the word “magical” is in my hourly vocabulary. So for me to title this post like a Disney movie is not as cliche as it may seem. Perhaps it is because you don’t know me well enough… I suggest sticking around and checking out my other posts too and you will come to know me quite quickly. And if you still like me after that, send me a friend request so we can connect. You can never have too many friends. 🙂 This year has been an absolute whirlwind of magnificent opportunities and challenges on top of meeting some of the greatest folks in the wedding industry. At times I feel as though I am spoiled rotten.

Courtney and Maggie from 2 Chics and a Photobooth. These BFF’s, co-owners and work colleagues will easily win your heart over as they do with everyone they meet. The are the sweetest, most genuine and fun broads! What a blessing!

The Fabulous Dorini Ottolini with Allegro Entertainment. I met Dori at Association of Bridal Consultants and we have been attached at the hip since then. I joined in April this year and it’s been one of the best networking groups I have ever been a part of. The group is super supportive, professional and they have all become family.
And then I remember, it wasn’t always so magical or magnificent and that I made a decision to create this life, that I determine how magical and magnificent it is going to be. Last summer I remember working at the hotel and of course LOVING wedding season because it’s my thing. But as the summer months rolled into fall, it got busier and more and more changes happened and something felt as though it was missing. I would be lying if I didn’t mention (because withholding info is the same as lying) that I actually talked to a tarot card reader, studied my horoscope daily and spent hours reading self development books, blogs, motivational websites, you name it, on how to trust the process, rest in trust and live your best life. Plus you know my mommy and BFF is a life coach Owl Nest Coaching so I had someone who could listen and clear out the crazy, over emotional stuff that always comes with big life choices.
Me and Ma- she’s pretty much the world’s greatest I once even made her a CD of training songs called the world’s greatest I know, best gift giver ever right???
I made the decision to start my own business so I could spend all my waking hours (and sleeping hours) working on my most favorite things: weddings and love!!! Clearly this was my something missing… About this time I was nominated by my peers as one of the top 5 wedding planners in St. Louis at the Perfect Wedding Guide’s Vendor’s Choice Awards. I was on cloud nine as I went to the awards banquet in November of 2012. I certainly hadn’t expected to win as the majority of the voting populous and attendees were St. Louis folks, and I worked in Illinois. BUT nevertheless, I was incredibly honored and excited to be there surrounded by the best of the best- folks who loved their jobs and this industry that I loved. As I watched Shelli win Wedding Planner of the Year, among all the other winners, I thought to myself: gosh how amazing to win such an award; an award voted on by your peers. Not brides rating you on a website, because all of us had stellar reviews. To me, this was even bigger. I wonder what that would feel like. What I would say. Who I would thank. What I would wear. How I would do my hair.
Carla of Mane Attraction working on my fabulous updo! I worked with Carla for years but got to know her on a more personal basis through ABC. Not only is she sweet as can be but she does amazing hair and makes THE most spectacular toasted coconut cream pie in the world!
And then I did. I began imagining the whole night for the next year. Getting nominated. Seeing my name and Signed Sealed Delivered Events on the ballot. Going to the dinner. Winning the award. Making a speech. Having a blast with all my wedding friends. It became one of my dreams for 2013.
My parents, Stanimal and Lindy Lou They have been my biggest supporters and I wouldn’t have wanted to share this night with anyone else.
The nominees for Wedding Planner of the year met secretly prior to the Vendy’s to make a video about planning which included a cake fight. One of my favorite memories of 2013.
And then it happened. Another dream came true. And although I spent hours imagining this night, I was shocked as h.e.double hockey sticks when my name was called.
Cried like a baby all the way up to the stage while hugging everyone…
And then saying a bad word into the mic. Whoops!
I can’t thank this one and her family enough for being so supportive and most of all for being a friend. The Perfect Wedding Guide is the bomb.com!
And then I will be darn if it didn’t happen again…
I won Rookie of the Year! Having two awards is heavy business. I really just wanted to show you my shoes. They were so cute and sparkly! 🙂
And my favorite pic! Starry eyed surprise! and ma teary eyed surprise!
The whole point of this little (not so little) blog post is that if you want something badly, imagine it. Imagine every detail. Live and act like it is already true. And eventually it will come true in some way or another. Things have a way of working out. Not that I just imagined winning and than BAM it happened. I put in 6 years in this industry and have loved every minute of it, have treated every couple and family with the most love and attention as possible, took extra time getting to know my vendors and building a team of folks that work hard to make weddings beautiful, seamless, and the best day ever for our clients.
I love what I do and I am incredibly humbled and grateful for these awards.
Thank you to everyone in the industry- new friends, old friends and even those who aren’t friends yet- rest assured we will be- for your love and support and your talent.
I am thrilled that I get to spend my life doing what I love with folks that feel the same way.
Magical and magnificent dreams do come true.