Folks say that girls spend years dreaming up their weddings. This may be true… but first they dream about the boy and then they dream about the proposal. And then the wedding.

Proposals are one of the most intimate, heartfelt, most vulnerable, you-are-my-life-and-I-cant-spend-another-minute-without-you moments. The adrenaline, the nerves, the excitement. Carrying around the ring and worrying that the love of your life will find out its there before you are ready.
I’m a sucker for romance flicks, books, stories, poems, songs, sayings, embroidered pillowcases, personalized ornaments, hallmark cards… you name it I guarantee I will tell you: Awww that is soooo cute! Which is the most overused phrase in my vocabulary next to: Aren’t you sooooo excited???? I am soooo excited for you!
Here is one of my most fave proposals of all times:
And I could not have been more honored to be a part of the proposal below.
When one of my past bosses Nick mentioned that he was going to propose to his girlfriend Ashlie, I of course was all eyes and ears. Now to meet Nick in person, he is pretty serious, get-the-job-done kinda guy, you never see a whole lot of sensitivity or joking right away. So you can imagine my excitement when he got giddy like a school boy when we about his ideas, when and where, the ring, etc. My last question after hearing him go through his plan of action bit by bit was: did you hire a photographer?
He said, no, I was just going to take my camera and ask someone to take pics for me…
And boy am I ever glad that I staged this intervention!
First off, Nick was planning on proposal outside in the evening in a dimly lit area…. it was imperative to have a skilled professional behind the camera who could be there in advance, test the angles, lighting, etc.
And that we did.
After several emails, texts, phone calls, and checking the weather, we set forth a time and Michelle with Green Wall Studio and I loaded the car with layers and layers of winter gear and road tripped to Augusta, Missouri to the Annual Christmas Light Walk.
I will cut out the boring part where we scoured every part of the town for options and finally settled on the park, lit by a Christmas tree made out of green wine bottles (hey, it is Missouri wine country out there) and text back and forth with the highly anxious Nick.
We waiting in a building across the street from the park and waited till we saw them enter the clearing when we casually walked over the the snap shooting began…