I am a constant chatterbox about my brides and how much I love them. How I love working with them and creating the wedding that they have imagined. Bringing it all together piece by piece, detail by detail, month by month until it’s day by day and then hour by hour. I take on their goosebumpy “that’s-the-perfect-song” moment, their nightmares of being late, the dress not fitting, going to the wrong venue, the colors being wrong (they all get them), the excitement of marrying their best friend, the stress of keeping everyone happy, overcoming the last minute changes and challenges… I heart it all. And I heart being a part of it. And I heart that bond that we build from day one that lasts until well after the wedding is over. From house warmings, to happy hours, to baby showers, I cherish them all.

Left- Allison Martin, married June 2013 Right- Alison Shubert, married December 2012

But let us not forget my beloved grooms. Ashley and Eric Anderson, married June 2013
In 10 plus years of event planning and six specializing in weddings, I’ve had two grooms- two total- that were: go big or go home for their weddings. It’s a must talk about since these fellas are few and far between and it’s impossible not to adore them. Whatever she (the bride) wants. Chair covers, huge floral arrangements, candelabras, a video screening, lots and lots of pink, a Hawiian honeymoon.
Shelby: My colors are blush and bashful M’Lynn: Her colors are pink and pink

And boy oh boy did she love it. Gina that is. JR was my numero uno gung ho groom and he will forever hold a special place in my heart. In fact when I said he did all the planning, I mean, he did it all. I didn’t even meet his other half until the wedding day. And he couldn’t wait for her to arrive, be the princess bride, experience this wedding she dreamed of, and be totally surprised.


And my numero dos in the gung ho groom department is John. I have to share this story because it brings me so much joy. So much joy that I have to brag. At our first meeting last fall, I ask John and the love of his life to tell me about what they are envisioning for their big day. And here is what John announces: “The theme is Rat Pack. Uplighting. Purple for sure. Come January 1st, all the groomsmen are going on diets because I’m going to look hot and they are going to look hot. Whatever Kari wants. She’s going to be so beautiful and I’m so excited to spend my whole life with her. And we need you there to make sure we are doing it right because I’ve waited 13 years for this day and I want it perfect.

John if you weren’t engaged, I would propose to you.
Because you get it.

And damn it, I love how much you love this sweet girl with the long blonde hair, the most contagious giggle who looks at you with those big blue eyes and replies to that entire prelude with: “John, whatever you want.”

Thanks for letting me brag on you both. So looking forward to your wedding and every moment in between.
BOOM! And that’s what it’s all-a-bout! I just did the hokey pokey people. No joke. And I turned myself around. Leg up and clapped. You’re welcome for the visual. Of the hokey, not Kari and John, they are too cute. And yes John, you do have a job with Signed Sealed Delivered Events as a planner after your wedding. As per usual, Ms. Manion and my BFF Katie, if you are reading this, please forgive the run-on’s, fragments, mis-puncuations, grammar mistakes, etc. I claim it as part of my charm, contrary to popular belief, it’s not to annoy you… or is it???