Alicia and Lynetta  | Photo by Signed Sealed Delivered Events

Today is the day to reflect on how much we love, honor, cherish and appreciate our mommas, the women in our lives who have raised us, whom we look up to, learn from and lean on.

Rebecca and Susan  |  Photo by Abbey Miller Sigler

The ones who walked us to school till we were old enough to take the bus. The ones who read us bed time stories. The ones who consoled us in the middle of the night after a bad dream. The ones who showed us how to shave our legs, to put on mascara and how to act like a lady. (Clearly this blog is geared towards the ladies…) The ones who taught us how to boil pasta, and to shop around for the best deals. To treat others with kindness and compassion and love. Who taught us how to wrap a gift with newspaper and yarn and still look beautiful. Who taught us all the words to the Sound of Music soundtrack…

Alison and her beautiful momma  |  Photo by Ten Sixteen Photo

I could go on and on and on… As a planner at Signed Sealed Delivered Events I work super close with brides and grooms. That’s a given. Bbbbuuuuuuttttt I also work with their mommas. Sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes even more than I do with my couples!

Shana and Doris  | photo by Brooke G Images

So today I would like to give a shout out to those ladies… my mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom. You ladies rock! And I love you all!

I gotta be honest, my mom is my best friend and although I am a wedding planner (in real life) I will have her in attendance for most of the big wedding decisions for my up future vows to my love connection {spoiler alert}.

This is me and my momma in real life! Photo by my dear friend BiBi check her out  Photo Elegance She does beautiful family portraits and weddings!!!

I am going to include just a teensy bit of wedding planning info from Signed Sealed Delivered Events to those who need it… but in the meantime, check out a few of my favorite mother daughter wedding moments!!!

Ashely and Kim |  Photo by Josie Anderson

Lauren and Dawn  |  Photo by friend of the family

Danielle and Diane |  Photo by Complete Weddings and Events

Times have changed and so have the roles for moms. Looking for some ways to keep the moms involved with the planning process? Here’s a few from Signed Sealed Delivered Events! – menu tasting – guest list planning – co-hosting the showers – some moms even come to bachelorette parties – budget planning- especially if they are contributing – I like to ask moms to come to the floral designer appointments because not only do they have good taste, but in some cases moms have been to way more weddings than you and your fiance so they will have a good idea of who on each side will get flowers in addition to the bridal party and centerpieces – in most cases your parents are your co-hosts of the wedding and they will be assisting in greeting guests when you are taking photos and visiting with other guests – wedding dress shopping – bridesmaids dress shopping – and of course you should definitely accompany her to HER dress shopping!

This makes my heart sooo happy!!! Jenny and her girls!!! Photo by Ravetta Photography

Have a wonderful mother’s day! Give your mothers and mother in laws a big ole smooch today and tell them thank you for being a part of your world and making it a better place.