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Chosen Photography –

2020 – Russell Stein – Chosen
Just to give a bit of background info. My wife already reviewed the SSD team, but as a groom I feel obligated to explain how wonderful of an experience I had working with Ashlee and the team she has. We started working with Ashlee in January, as a “do it myself” kind of person, I wasn’t a huge fan of getting a wedding planner. But the first time we talked to Ashlee, she not only complemented the work we had already done, but she expanded and coordinated all of the things we weren’t even sure how to do. From January to April everything was perfectly working out, then full swing in the pandemic things got a bit crazy. They never missed a step. Constantly reassuring and helping us plan throughout the events! My now wife made it very clear that she was worried the day wouldn’t be special, and that this pandemic would ruin everything. SSD went out of there way to get all the information from our vendors and make sure we could host an environment where our family would feel comfortable. So here comes the day of the wedding, everything planned out and ready to accept any issues that may arise. But the thing is with SSD, they handle all the issues and the day will feel like there are no issues. It’s crazy how everything seemed so perfect and seamless. The day of the wedding I could not thank SSD enough. It was absolutely stunning and everything was so perfect. As a groom, all I can tell you is if you trust them with your wedding plans, it will be perfect!
Matt, Groom