Project Description

Amanda Forbes Photography

This is coming from the groom’s perspective. Ashlee and Katie are the best, hands down, no doubt about it. We had to be budget-conscious, and I was not initially psyched to be spending some of our budget on something I didn’t see as a necessity. In hindsight, I can safely say that it was the best money we spent. It is difficult to explain how critical Ashlee, Katie, and the rest of their team was to our ability to successfully pull off the wedding. Their help started months before the wedding with an initial planning meeting and continued through the day of. They coordinated all the vendors, helped us make a list of photographs we wanted, got us thinking about how we wanted the ceremony to go, coached us through times of panic, and even made sure that food from the reception was sent to our room because they knew we’d forget to eat at the reception. I cannot recommend them strongly enough. They brought sanity and calm to a crazy and chaotic process. Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking, with more moving parts than you realize, our attention was constantly being pulled in several directions at once. Having Ashlee and Katie on our team was like having a guide that was able to focus our attention where it needed to be at precisely the right time. I cannot imagine what it would have been like without them.
Martin, Groom