Project Description

Open letter regarding Ashlee Erlinger, wedding planner extraordinaire: I knew with my busy schedule I needed a wedding planner. I met with FIVE planners in person before I met Ashlee. I only spoke with her on the phone, but I knew instantly she was going to be awesome to work with. And she by far exceeded my expectations!! Her love of sarcasm, emojis, vodka, and passion for everything love gave us an instant connection! She made the entire planning process so fun and exciting and without all the stress! After countless e-mails, phone calls, meetings and texts (that always made me laugh out loud), Ashlee took the vision I had in my head for our wedding and made it a reality. An absolutely breathtaking, dream-come-true wedding!! Our wedding weekend was the best weekend ever!! On our wedding day, she came waltzing in like a pro wheeling in her Mary Poppins bag and sprinkling magic fairy dust everywhere, because seriously….our day was MAGICAL. I’m sure something might have gone wrong or haywire behind the scenes, but I never knew about it because Ashlee and her team took care of everything! From fixing my wardrobe malfunction, to holding my dress while I use the bathroom, to making sure I smell good after taking pictures in 90 degree weather, to taking off my vail and bustling my dress, to ensuring Jones and I had a few moments of alone time after the ceremony, to pulling together the most AMAZING wedding ever, I am just in awe of Ashlee’s talent. I have only one regret….not getting a picture with the best planner in the world on our wedding day. However, I know there will be photo ops in the future, because Jones and I gained a forever friend and our friendship has only just begun. So cheers to you Ashlee!! Let’s celebrate your talents soon with brunch, bubbly and stretchy pants.(And maybe some cake) We love you!!
GUUUUURRRLLLL!!! Last night was absolutely MAGICAL! I seriously couldn’t sleep last night because I kept running every little amazing detail of the day through my head and I couldn’t wait to text you this morning! I wanted to text you at 4:00 am, but didn’t want to be that crazy biotch! THANK YOU for making my dream wedding a reality. Jones and I (oh wait, I’m a Jones now too) will be eternally grateful for ALL that have done for us and even more grateful for our new friendship!!! Sorry girl, stuck like glue on YOU!!!     Photo Courtesy of Arndt Photo and Cinema