Project Description

Do you ever feel like you’ve had an out of body experience? That’s what my daughter’s wedding day was for me because it was so magical and I was able to enjoy every SINGLE moment of it. Do you know why? Because of Ashlee, Katie and Jenny of Signed, Sealed, Delivered! It was my daughter’s choice to hire a wedding planner but in all honesty I think I benefited more than she did from it. I get emotional even thinking about Ashlee and her team because over the course of the last year they have been with us every step of the way and now it is over. I am definitely going to have major withdrawals from not talking to Ashlee on a daily basis. When we met with Ashlee the first time she asked my daughter how much help she wanted planning the wedding and my daughter replied, “I just want to show up!”. My daughter is an accountant and I am a computer programmer so we only see black and white, there is no color in our world because we are not creative people. We basically told Ashlee the colors of the wedding and she planned everything from there. The vendors that she gave us to choose from were top notch. She has worked with so many that she knows who is the best and lead us towards them. We had some drama before the wedding, during the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. Ashlee and her team were by our side the entire time helping us through it all. As the mother of the bride I did not have to do anything the day of the wedding but enjoy every last moment of it. The SSD team had a full schedule by the minute of what was going on when and they just directed us through it. Guess what I had to do at rehearsal? NOTHING. Guess what I had to do at the wedding? NOTHING. Guess what I had to do at the reception? NOTHING. Everything was taken care of by SSD. I danced for 3 1/2 hours at the reception and Katie from SSD was bringing me water on the dance floor because I was sweating so bad. She continually checked on my well being even asking me if I had eaten. They made me feel like royalty. The whole process was so effortless because we had experts guiding us through it all. There were no bridezilla moments because there was no stress involved. So, if you are wavering on hiring a wedding planner let me tell you that you MUST do it. It will be the best decision you ever make regarding your wedding. If you are looking to hire the best, call SSD! – Lois B, Mother of the Bride

Photo Courtesy of Dreaming Tree Phtogoraphy