Project Description

I just wanted to say how much I love you and how there is no way in hell we could’ve pulled this off without you!!! You made this day more perfect than I ever could have imagined and yeah, yeah I know it’s your job and it’s what ya do, but maybe it’s pride talking or maybe that’s just how good you are at what you do, but I felt like you really did it all special just for me. It was perfect.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you took SUCH good care of my mama! Seriously. You made this day even more special for her by watching over her health, her general well-being, her emotions, just everything. I cannot thank you enough for everything. You make every room brighter and without you it would’ve been beautiful, but somehow a little more dim. You know? You are amazing. Thank you.  – Lindsey, Bride
Ashlee is the Wedding Planner and Coordinator of our dreams. She may have some Jedi Mind Trick powers because once we met with her neither of us could imagine accomplishing the wedding without her. We knew instantly that she was the one for us. Her positive energy, her smile and her passion for her brides, for love stories and making magic spoke right to the heart of my daughter, a hopeless romantic and Bridal Consultant at Clarice’s Bridal. Her attention to detail, organization, timeliness, efficiency and her INCREDIBLE sense of style made me the President of her Fan Club from day one. We went in with a Pinterest board of ideas – colors, and things she loved and a vision for a feel and tone but no clear path to realize it. At every turn she took our ideas and sprinkled some pixie dust on them and showed us all the possibilities. The wedding was beautiful and I can’t wait to share the professional photos!  Above all else the most incredible gift of having a Wedding Coordinator like Ashlee was that I enjoyed and was fully present, every moment without concerning myself with one detail. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING every detail was attended to by Ashlee and her staff. Katie and Patrice were rock stars! Emergencies arose and I knew nothing about them until the evening was almost over! Crises were managed and I we were personally cared for at every moment. I don’t know how to thank you enough Ashlee. I really don’t. I felt safe. I left my phone and my purse and my clipboard and worries at the door at 6 am and never gave them another moment’s notice. There were 1000 things you did that we never would have thought of and it was genius. You are Wedding Coordinator of the Year for us from now into eternity. Your heart, your passion, your professionalism is nothing short of inspiring and I know I speak for Lindsey as well when I say, from the bottom of our hearts we love you and thank you! – Robin McCarty, Mother of the Bride
Photo Courtesy of Nicole J Photography