Project Description

There aren’t even words to describe my love and appreciation for this amazing woman, the best wedding planner on the planet! Once upon a time, I️ thought I️ could plan my wedding with no help. After becoming stressed out, on edge, over it, we found Ashlee and Signed Sealed Delivered Events by some crazy miracle. I’ve never made a better decision (besides my husband). Ashlee is the biggest reason that our day turned out flawlessly! She kept me sane throughout the entire planning process, the week of and the day of! If anything went wrong, she would never have let us know. She was there every single step of the way, for everything we needed! From day one when she had a cup of coffee and baileys ready for me, to answering my crazy emails in the middle of the night when I️ was stressing, being my brain when my own was going haywire, my voice of reason, my counselor, checking in on me every single day the week of the wedding, even carrying our dinner plates to our table, and helping me freshen up. But besides being the best wedding planner that there ever was, Ashlee has become a great friend and a part of our crazy family. It was insane how life brought me to her (seriously crazy back story on that one!) But we were so blessed to have her with us every step of the way! And hopefully she sticks around to hang out with us! (I’m still holding you to our ice cream and pizza deal! And we’re obvi wearing our boots too) Thank you 1,000 times over to you and to your fantastic team for helping make our dream wedding day come to life!!!! We love you! – Mary, Bride
Mary and I️ said the best thing about the wedding was you!!  You and your team were above and beyond amazing and made the day perfect.  Don’t know what I️ would do without you. – Jana Free, Mother of the Bride
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Megan