Project Description

Working with Ashlee was the best decision I made throughout the entire wedding planning process, HANDS DOWN. I wouldn’t consider myself a super planner and wanted to be the laid back kind of bride and Ashlee just had the perfect balance of her down to earth personality and bubbly excitement to remind me that laid back or not, this is such a fun and happy time regardless of the stressors. She handled everything from coordination with my vendors down to ALWAYS answering my texts to give me her advice on the smallest details. My husband also loved Ashlee as well. That was one thing that really stood out for me about Ashlee. A lot of our vendors throughout the process seemed to direct all questions and conversations to me and didn’t involve my husband. Ashlee wanted Jon to feel included and he has made several comments since our wedding that he doesn’t know what we would have done without Ashlee. She is all around a really great person, and a great wedding planner. She has also worked with a lot of other vendors before so her great connections and personality makes the vendor coordination go more smoothly as well. She’s a gem and worth every penny. Photo Courtesy of George Street Photo & Video