I am addicted to love.

I love people. I love making people happy.

I love weddings. I love all the little details and making them happen.

I am excited. All.the.time. I will use the word over and over and over again with an absurd amount of exclamation points!!! {See what I mean?}

THE BEST PART OF WEDDING DAY: First looks are my fave! Whether it’s first look with your maids, papa bear, your fiancé or the reception… I just love seeing all of those happy emotions!

{Also wedding cake – I’ve never met a wedding cake I didn’t like!}

THE WORST PART OF WEDDING DAY: When it’s over! I start suffering from withdrawals and then have to stalk you for your wedding photos and videos so I can relive your day all over again! 

WHY DO I LOVE WEDDINGS: I love getting to know the couples, their families and their visions and watching them experience it coming to life! It brings me so much joy to see our clients fully present in all those once in a lifetime moments while we manage the details of the day! 

HOW SSD GOT STARTED: I am addicted to love, logistics and making people happy! I followed my event planner path from the non-profit world to catering and hotel sales where I was introduced to the wedding life and never looked back! I took a leap of faith in 2013 to start SSD Events and I’m loving every minute of it! 

Throughout the years, SSD has grown. I started to add to my team so that I could add more weddings, more love, more magic to my calendar! Along the way I have shared my passions with each of the ladies and we have grown into a dynamic squad of women who are ADDICTED TO LOVE!


  • Getting real hand written mail is the best!
  • Sparkle is my favorite color. Magical is my favorite word. And wine ties with coffee for my favorite beverage.
  • I love animals! My 80-pound, four-legged roommate, Holly has her own Ashtags (yes NO ‘h’) #hollisthebear  Check her out on my Instagram.
  • My mom is my very best friend and we talk every day, if not multiple times.
  • My closet is obviously too small because there is no such thing as too many shoes.
  • I started building my wedding soundtrack in the seventh grade. No joke.
  • Jason, my husband, gets a love note in his lunch box every day and I secretly think he looks forward to them.
  • Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers are my jam! 

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